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Digital marketing analytics are the lifeblood of modern marketing. From learning how to analyze the data, to being able to make smart decisions based off your findings, marketers that can master these analytics skills have the edge in the digital marketing world.

Here you will find such analytics training and tips. From marketing driven Google Analytics training, to how to make decisions based off your data, we hope to provide a solid foundation to base your marketing journey.

January 15th, 2013          No Comments

So by now you’ve all seen the news of the new Webmaster Tool, Google Data Highlighter. But what does it do exactly? The answer? Structured data on easy mode. We’ve all seen structured data prevalent in modern day SERPs. Google Authorship images and links, Site links, Event Dates and Addresses. However, structured data goes way beyond what you may already know or see, and it is only getting more prevalent. Just take a gander at […]

October 3rd, 2012          No Comments

I’ll preface this post by stating that this trick reveals data I’ve longed for from Google Analytics for years, just never knew exactly how to extract it (without manually pulling the data, along with my hair). As a matter of fact, I stumbled across this hack when looking for something completely different, and when I saw the data presented, almost felt it was too good to be true. Alright already, what is this “trick” you say? […]