15 Kick Ass Inbound Marketing Blogs You Haven’t Heard Of

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Ok so let’s be honest. If you are a content consumption freak like I am, you may have heard of some of these inbound marketing blogs before. However, if you are just getting your feet wet in the inbound marketing blogosphere, here is a cream of the crop list I’ve pulled straight out of my Google Reader for your viewing pleasure. The wealth of knowledge one can gain from the following 15 inbound blogs is unreal. Take a dive and see what you find…

List of Inbound Marketing Blogs

  1. Occam’s Razor (RSS) If you are a Google Analytics geek, this blog is your holy grail. The blog is written by the savior son of Analytics, Avinash Kaushik. I attribute my level of Google Analytics knowledge, as well as the development of my analytical philosophy in regards to marketing to Avinash, and any inbound marketer will feel like they can take on the world after reading some of his work. Highly recommended.
  2. Viperchill (RSS) Viperchill is one of my favorite inbound marketing blogs online. The posts are quite lengthy, but the manner in which they are written will definitely keep any true marketer intrigued. And while the posts are long, they guys at Viperchill don’t make posts unless they have something of truly epic proportions to say. Every article is pure gold. Pick this one up now.
  3. Shoemoney (RSS) Shoemoney’s style is right up any light reader’s alley. My personal favorite post type from Shoemoney is their movie/TV related posts, such as “What Internet Marketers Can Learn From The Dark Knight Returns”. Pro tip: Send Jeremy at Shoemoney a t shirt for some free publicity.
  4. BlueGlass (RSS) BlueGlass is a one stop shop digital marketing blog. Whether conversion optimization is your main squeeze, or search marketing tickles your fancy, BlueGlass’ internet marketing blog has your covered. Add this to your RSS reader for a daily dose of all things inbound.
  5. KISSmetrics (RSS) From the creators of some of the most bad ass analytics software to ever hit the streets, comes an inbound marketing blog to match. The KISSmetrics blog encompasses the data analysis side of digital marketing,  through topics ranging from “running A/B tests for mobile apps” to “increasing the ROI of your thank you page”. If you’re into data like I am, check this blog out. Check out your software while you’re at it, they have packages for every budget.
  6. <Copyblogger (RSS) Copyblogger is your one stop shop for all things content marketing. From guest blogging strategies, to writing copy that captivates your audience, Copyblogger is the essential blog on the web for when you’ve got your copywriter hat on and your creative juices flowing.
  7. Quick Sprout (RSS) Quick Sprout is hands down my favorite blog online. The work of highly acclaimed SEO and inbound marketer Neil Patel, this internet marketing blog is truly the real dea. Much of my work in the internet marketing field has been inspired by Neil Patel, and his articles always seem to hit home on amazing learning points. I mean, how can you go wrong with the brains behind Techcrunch’s SEO strategy?
  8. Unbounce (RSS) From the ultimate landing page and conversion optimization evangelists, the Unbounce blog is a heavy favored conversion optimization blog in the eyes of most internet marketeers. Looking for a sick strategy to get more out of your traffic? Unbounce is your saving grace. Ignore this blog at your own risk.
  9. Wider Funnel (RSS) Traffic is nice right? But what good is it if it’s not making you any money. Another excellent conversion optimization blog, Wider Funnel provides essential knowledge and tutorials to help get that traffic steered in the right direction.
  10. The Daily Egg (RSS) One more sick conversion optimization blog (are you starting to see a theme here? Psst…conversion ops is the new big thing, just you watch). These guys created the amazing software Crazy Egg, one of my beloved tools and one I highly recommend to any conversion data junky out there. Check out this blog for some great tips on converting more traffic.
  11. WordStream (RSS) If paid search marketing is your thing, you must check out WordStream. Truly an out of this world PPC blog. While PPC isn’t my bread and butter go to, I absolutely love staying on top of the paid search world, and WordStream is my go to.
  12. PPC Hero (RSS) The title says it all. PPC Hero is your paid search Superman. Turn to this blog anytime you are in need of tips or tutorials on how to make your paid search campaign soar. Read up on this PPC blog and get that paid campaign running on all cylinders.
  13. Wordtracker Academy (RSS) If you are like me, you can’t get enough keyword research knowledge. It’s easy to pick big beefy keywords and spend years hunting them down. It takes a real pro to uncover the hidden gems. I am constantly experimenting with new techniques and tricks for keyword research and one of my favorite stops for ideas and inspiration is WordTracker Academy. Check it out before your competition does.
  14. Think Traffic (RSS) ThinkTraffic takes a different approach to internet marketing blogging. Speaking specifically to bloggers and internet entrepreneurs, this internet marketing blog focuses on top tactics and techniques that will help make your money now. Check out this blog to help grow your online business today.
  15. Distilled (RSS) These guys are good at what they do, and the proof is in the pudding. Since SEOmoz got out of the search consulting game, Distilled is the only agency they recommend, and for good reason. Tap into their endless supply of expertise and knowledge on their blog, and don’t forget to check out DistilledU while you’re at it.

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