HD Content Marketing Strategy: Presenting Your Content in Hi-Def

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Ok, so let’s say you’re shopping for a new TV at a nearby electronics store. Or at a local bar on a Sunday afternoon watching all the big games. And I know, you might be thinking, what the hell does this have to do with content marketing strategy, right? Stick with me for a second. At that bar or electronics store, which TV is your eye instantly drawn to? The one with the brightest color, the highest resolution, the clearest picture…am I right?

The same factors hold true in content marketing strategy. In an online world where content grows like weeds, it takes something truly great to stand out: High Definition Content.

High Definition Content is simply content that time and time again makes online readers stop and take notice. However, to achieve this type of draw and reaction, there are several things to consider when creating your content. To implement a truly high definition content marketing strategy, one that will propel your content to shine above the rest, here are three areas to address:

Great Content Must Catch The Eye & Stand Out

The first step to success in any content marketing campaign, whether it be blogging, email, guest blogging, infographics or what have you, is to get the readers’ attention. So naturally, the first objective of your content marketing strategy is to stand out from the crowd. This is where some of your copywriting skills come into play.

A few of the most important things to getting someone to click are your content title, meta description/social description and featured image for social. In any format, whether it be search results, social media, email or anything else, you typically have less that 200 characters to capture someone’s attention. Therefore, these 200 characters or less are some of most important few words you can write. Be sure to spark an interest with your copy, create intrigue as to what might lie on the other side of the click, and always be sure to include a hook.

Content Clarity

Another aspect often overlooked in content marketing strategy is message clarity. There are two items to focus on when looking at the clarity of your messaging.

One, it is an absolute necessity to have your content correspond with the messaging a reader receives prior to the click. Aligning your pre click messaging with your content is imperative to meeting reader expectations, and ultimately presenting yourself/your brand in a higher light. When someone clicks a link, there is a reasoning behind it. And the more you can align yourself with meeting that reasoning, the better.

Two, in a broader sense, brand messaging in terms of content marketing is simple. The clearer your message comes across, the easier it is digested by more readers. Ultimately every piece of content created is designed to do something/create a specific reaction. The more times you can present a clear message within your content, the more often you will be able to guide readers into producing the specific action you are looking for.

Cream of the Crop Content

Content Marketing is all the rage these days. The latest and greatest trend to getting traffic and making money. However, if you are creating content just to create it. You don’t really understand the point.

Ultimately to truly build an HD content marketing strategy, you need to align your content goals with being the best of the best. Only by creating amazingly awesome content that adds value to your readers will your campaign actually be successful. Writing just to write because you need to write doesn’t cut it anymore. The whole premise of content marketing is to have people read what you’ve written and be inspired to do something afterwards. If you aren’t creating something with passion or true energy, it will show. What reaction do you think that content will receive? Food for thought.

Let’s all face the music. Content marketing strategy has become a big part of our industry. However, our instinct as marketers is to market, and that leaves a huge void to fill on the actual content side of things. Any great content marketing strategy should start with the content first. When you have created truly great content, the marketing nearly takes care of itself.

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